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Sunday Worship - 10:15am  |  Thursday Worship - 6:30pm 

Sunday Worship - 10:15am  |  Thursday Worship - 6:30pm 


Worship begins each week at 10:15am. We have a contemporary style of musical worship that often adds or blends in traditional hymns as well. Each week we will open with a prayer, music, some time spent reading Scripture with short teaching.


Anyone is welcome to come and join us for worship. 

If you are worried about dressing or looking right, you will feel at home coming in whatever you'd like. We are a very casually dressed church that focuses more on your heart and self than in what clothes you are wearing. 

We celebrate the Lord's Supper or Holy Communion on the first Sunday of every month. All who follow Jesus as Lord and Savior are welcome to join us in participating. 

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