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What's Behind Door #1?!

Not sure where to enter for worship on Thursday evenings or Sunday morning?  Here are tips to help you feel at ease and like an old pro!  We get it, it's a very LONG building!  :)


When in doubt, you can't go wrong with the door under the canopy.  It brings you within closest proximity to the coffee!  Once you enter, a right takes you to the sanctuary and a left takes you to the kids' check-in and nursery.  Simple!





Pro Tip

If you have precious kiddos with you (ages 4-5th grade), the middle door will bring you RIGHT up to the Treehouse Kids check-in!  Go ahead, enter with confidence and don't look back.   Our volunteers at the check-in desk will you get your kids securely checked in, and you're all set.  They'll love their time in the Treehouse and you can now make a beeline to the hot coffee.  After service, return to the Treehouse desk to pick your kids up! 

The Office

If you visit us on a weekday, please enter our office door, next to the "Church of God" lettering.  During the warm months, look for all of the beautiful flowers planted by our Little Blessings kiddos!  During the week, for the kids' security, all doors are locked, but simply ring the bell to the right of the door and someone will help you. 

Doors, Doors, and More Doors

No matter where you enter, you are welcome.  No matter where you enter, you will pass kind, loving, and generous people who won't bug you but will be there if you have any questions.  No matter what, you have a home at Eaton Church of God.  

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