COVID-19 Safety Plan for Worship

Please keep in mind a few things as you read through this:

  1. Our number one priority is to worship God in the community, but in the safest way we can. 

  2. You may feel comfortable coming back at the first change; others may not feel that way. It is up to each individual to decide. 

  3. We will not be pulling our online connection points through Facebook for those that are unsure or unable to return.

  4. We will likely miss things and get them wrong. We ask for grace and feedback that is constructive.

  5. Things will be different and that is okay. "The old normal" maybe something that never comes back completely. We are focusing on the new normal ahead of us.

Here is our strategy to maintain as much safety and social distancing as possible:

  • We are asking that all people practice proper social distancing as much as possible, including:

    • BE SMART: Realizing that while you may not have a problem with a hug or handshake, the other person(s) might.

    • Not congregating in one spot.

    • Doing your best to maintain the 6ft apart guidelines.

    • Remaining in your seat as much as possible. 

    • Rows and chairs will accommodate social distancing. If you are a large family, you may sit together, though otherwise, we'll ask you to sit on the edges of the rows. See below for more info.

    • Staying home if you in any way feel sick, believe you might be sick, or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19. 

    • If you wish to talk and catch up with someone, we encourage you to do that in the parking lot outside. 

    • As of Sunday, November 15, 2020, all people within the building are required to wear masks at all times, except when sitting in seats in the sanctuary, socially distanced. ​

    • We will do our best to have some hand sanitizer available. However, due to the nature of our times, it is not always readily available. You are encouraged to bring your own. 

  • Worship services

    • We will guide you in through a side door in the sanctuary on the East side of the building. This door allows you to come into the building near the sanctuary stage. We will dismiss by rows out the main door by the sanctuary (with the awning) or this same entrance door to return to your cars. 

    • The church doors will not open until 9:45am. We ask that those who are nervous about arriving at the same time as everyone or those with health concerns come between 9:45-10:00am.

      • If you are not in that crowd, we'd encourage you to come between 10:00-10:15am.

      • Worship will begin at 10:15.  

    • If you are able to walk further, we'd ask that you park farther from the sanctuary. It could be a longer walk for some than some are able to do with the change in entrances. 

    • The family restrooms will be available for those that need it. Otherwise, we will ask that everyone stay in the sanctuary until dismissal.

    • If you are in the hallway, we ask you to not congregate or stop to talk. 

    • The west end of the building (offices), the FLC, Sunday school rooms, upstairs, and the Fellowship Hall will be closed off. If you need in one of these areas, please talk to a staff member.

    • We have taken these steps because the hallway outside the sanctuary is too narrow for proper social distancing. We have chosen the path to limit traffic in that hallway.

  • We will not have the following until further notice:

    • Coffee, drinks, or donuts. If you are in need of coffee during worship, please bring it from home. 

    • Bulletins or offertory plates being passed.

      • We will provide a collection area for tithes by the doors as you come in or go out for you to drop off any tithes or offerings.

    • Pens, bibles, or hymnals out in any of our seats.

      • Please bring a bible or pen/paper from home if you need it.

  • Notes For Families/Youth:

    • The nursery will be open for kids who have not yet started Kindergarten and younger. You will be allowed to take your kids straight there (if you wish) after entering the sanctuary.

    • The nursery is available, but not required, for young children. They may remain with you in the sanctuary as well.

    • If you do not have a kid in the nursery or are scheduled work in the nursery, we'd ask you to steer clear.

    • If possible, we ask only one parent to take child(ren) to the nursery or the restroom as needed. 

If you have any questions about this or any concerns please reach out to me at any time. There are other updates below if you are interested in those notes as well.

-Pastor Roger

-Updated on November 15, 2020


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