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Thursday Bible Study

This Week:  11/05/2020

Numbers 25-27


On Thursday nights, we have an open Bible Study for any who would like to join us. There is no homework, no advanced knowledge needed, and no pressure to be familiar with the Bible.  


Our Bible Study is laid back, led by our Pastor Roger. Together, we will slowly read through books of the Bible, learning a little about what is going on and then sharing how that speaks to us today. It is led through conversation, sharing, and listening- as opposed to lectures or sermons. 


Come and join us at 6:30pm! Our kids have a place in the Treehouse upstairs for their own study and lessons! If you have any questions, please contact the church. 

COVID Safety

We will be meeting in the sanctuary instead of a classroom so that we can spread out and probably social distance (this way masks won't be required, yet encouraged). 

Bring your bible and something to write on/with because there won't be materials out to share (but we will have verses on the screen to read together). See our COVID-19 Safety Plan for more details.

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